Sandhu Group is broadening its horizons to become a prominent player in the fields of cement, concrete and other downstream activities. To achieve the dream, Sandhu Group acquired Shree Vinayak Cement Company, a Partnership firm in the year 2010 at Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

After being taken over by the Sandhu Group, the Cement Plant was also modernized with the best and latest technology available for the production of high standard, quality Portland Slag Cement.

The brand “RAJSHAKTI CEMENT”, its logo and quality of the cement itself provides ample proof why one should use our company products.

Our Group never compromises on quality; hence Rajshakti Cement is being produced in a high –tech plant with the latest technology and the best machinery available in the country.

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The mill was supplied by M/s Movers India , whose know-how and name itself speaks volumes in this country regarding the quality of machinery and also provides assurance regarding satisfactory quality.

Our Grinding Mill is equipped with High chrome Liners filled with high chrome grinding media of proper ball size keeping proper Mean piece weights in both chambers to ensure accurate grinding.

Accurate Segregation of High quality Clinker , high quality Blast Furnace Granulated and Quenched Slag and best quality Gypsum in cement is among the most important parameters that strengthens the quality of cement to make it superior.

The above has been assured only due to our policy to install one of the best available machines in the country which is none other the Electronic Weigh Feeders supplied by M/s VT Corp., Mumbai, the only one with this expertise .


The Cement is stored in perfectly constructed large silos suitable to keep it fresh and allow it to flow freely. The high accuracy auto packer system is installed in the plant to pack the cement in bags with accurate weights. One of the best available Electronic Packers, manufactured and supplied by M/s Shiva Engineers Services, is installed in our plant.


RAJSHAKTI BRAND CEMENT is manufactured with stringent quality control under strict supervision of highly qualified and experienced technical staff. All the raw materials and the finished products are tested rigorously at various stage of production in our High Tech Cement Test lab and the products are approved and certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Thus, we ensure our product users always get highly consistent, durable and strong quality cement. This provides safety and long life to concrete and constructions to the full satisfaction of our valued clients.

RAJSHAKTI BRAND CEMENT can be used for all sorts of civil structures viz., mass concretes for foundations, columns, beams and for everything which cement can build i.e. floors, plastering, roofs etc. Hence people call our cement “CEMENT KA RAJA”.


Cement is packed in valve type, pre- stitched, polythene lined, properly sized PP bags which are required to maintain the proper weight of cement.

Performance and high quality of Rajshakti Brand are based on the use of state-of-the-art technology and production procedures. The aim is to produce durable products that are easy to use and offer added value to our customers. To offer customized solutions to clients and customers, the Sandhu Group continuously invests in the development and improvement of products in the area of cement, concrete and building materials. Transfer of knowledge, comparison and optimization of performance as well as the introduction of so-called best practice can implement solutions throughout the Group, innovations and new technologies quickly, resulting in improved products and manufacturing procedures to benefit our customers. Those are the reasons why the name Rajshakti cement stands for competency and quality.

At Rajshakti Cement, our focus is on sustainability - a pillar of the Sandhu Group corporate strategy. The dream is to be the best within our industry in the East and our commitment is towards ecological, social and economic goals. At Rajshakti day-to-day-work involves the highest standards in quality, environmental protection and occupational safety.

The plant is located in the Dhanbad Industrial belt which near the Jharkhand – West Bengal Boarder and the high quality of Slag, one of the major component of raw-materials is procured form Bokaro Steel Plant, which is 45 Kms far from our plant. Other required raw materials are also available in nearby states.